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  • RES Graduates
    RES Graduates

    Many success stories from RCN’s graduates of the RES course … hear them for yourself!

    Kent is my lecturer for the RES Course that I took up at RCN Toa Payoh. His classes were always cheerful and full of energy. Kent’s passion and energy has helped me focus in class. His classes was always interesting and kept me full of passion towards the RES journey.

    Kent conducted the class that was easy to understand and he also made it very relatable which I felt that it helped me tremendously on my learning of the topics. He gave great examples and was never tired in trying to explain our various questions and even shared his real life experiences that helped me to understand the topics better.

    I am very grateful to have Kent as my lecturer. His passion and energy made me even more passionate about the real estate industry and can’t wait to join him in this great career.

    I highly recommend to take up Kent’s class. His classes are interesting, easy to understand and full of energy. You will be able to benefit from his classes if you are aiming to pass the RES exams. Just be sure to participate in class and ask Kent any questions if you have any doubt. Kent is very helpful and always generous in helping all of us understand better.

    Kathleen Li, RES Course, 277th Intake

    It has been a particularly stressful experience for me to be studying and taking exams after 25 years !

    By the grace of God, I passed both papers on my first attempt !

    I am grateful to all the trainers and coaches who have mentored and encouraged me during this period of time. Special mention has to be made to Mr Kent Soo.

    Mr Kent Soo is the trainer assigned to teach Paper 2 of the RES course, which I signed up at RCN. Being a matured 47 years old lady, I have to admit my memory is not as good as when I was younger but Kent has made it easy for me to remember certain facts and figures. He made his lessons interesting and memorable with practical illustrations from his personal life experiences. Thus, I was able to grasp and relate to the concepts better. I will not hesitate to recommend any of my friends to Kent as I believe they will be able to benefit greatly from his mentoring, guidance and encouragement. Just like I did !

    Kudos to Kent and the team at RCN ! I am truly grateful and blessed ! Thank you !

    Clare Han, RES Course, 274Ath Intake

    My time at RCN was a short and sweet one. I had the privilege to learn from trainers who are very well experienced and professional. The training sessions are very engaging with solid real life examples/situations being studied to further understand the industry. I was feeling unwell during the first session so I decided to skip it, and was relieved that the training executives at the counter were very empathetic. They passed me the notes/materials, told me to rest well and that they will put me in a make-up class. This act of kindness made me feel at home. :) Another thing which impressed me was having a hot drink dispenser available for everyone! If you take full time classes, the hours are very long and it can get tiring by midday. A warm drink does everybody some good!

    I would definitely recommend RCN to anyone interested to take up courses on real estate. You get great study notes & tips, well qualified trainers, and most importantly, a great culture!

    Rachel Sam, RES Course, 169th Intake

    I managed to clear the RES exams! Thanks Celeste and Thomas for your tutorship and RCN for the online MCQ system.

    Wei Leong, RES Course, 130th Intake

    A Big Thank you to you! Mdm Eunice Lim, RCN, the best & wonderful teacher Mdm Celeste Ng and David. Also Thomas for revision class! Kamsia!!! Finally cleared 1st hurdle to be RES.

    Kian Soo, RES Course, 127th Intake

    I passed both papers in one attempt! A big thank you to RCN, Celeste & Daryl!

    Christmin, RES Course, 124th Intake

    Thanks for the support and guidance RCN has provided me. I attended both the course and intensive revision sessions - and passed both papers on the first try! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

    Cara, RES Course, 123th Intake

    I would like to thank my lecturers, Mdm Celeste Ng and Mr David Cheong. Their lectures are interesting, beneficial and easy to digest, which shorten our learning journey. Apart from passing exams, I have a much clearer picture what is required as a real estate salesperson. RCN too have a great administration team providing friendly and extensive support to participants. I already recommended to friends whom are interested in real estate career and I will continue to attend my future real estate courses with RCN. I wish RCN all the best.

    Mike, RES Course, 122nd Intake

    I'd like to thank RCN for the great course conducted for the RES participants. I've passed both my papers.

    Caleb, RES Course, 119th Intake

    Managed to pass the RES exam in one try. A great thank you to the lecturers that taught me. Special mention to Mdm Celeste Ng, for her clear, direct and interesting teaching. She made the complicated concepts easy to understand and her notes are great!

    Kok Yong, RES Course, 116th Intake

    I've passed, thank you! Credits must go to Thomas and Celeste, as their notes were really helpful, not to mention their excellent teachings :)

    David, RES Course, 114th Intake
  • REA Graduates
    REA Graduates

    Many success stories from RCN’s graduates of the REA course … hear how excited they are for yourself!

    I would like to express my thanks to RCN and my gratitude to our Trainer, Spencer. Through his dedication, mentorship and friendship with us, his students, we had attained the higher level in our career in the industry.

    Appreciate all the efforts put in by the admin/frontline staff who are always carrying a smile when we will see them (at the signing-in counter) at every lesson and sometime going the extra miles to assist us too.

    Cheers & all the best as we continue to support RCN and their trainers growing together with the industry.

    Caroline, REA Course, 13th intake

    I passed REA examination!

    Thanks Spencer very much for your help in teaching and preparing me throughout the course! While your exam focused approach was most practical and useful, I also benefitted much from your industry practitioner perspective.

    Your sharing of ground experience (as well as the sharing of the others in class) helped me to form a much clearer picture of the theory that was taught in class.

    Thanks again Spencer!

    Paul, REA Course, 6th intake

    I have passed the April REA Examination.

    I am very glad to attend the REA Course under Real Centre Network Pte Ltd. Also grateful to have Mr. Spencer Ng as our Course Trainer to guide us throughout the REA Course. I felt it would be great if I could put it in writing as I have made a wise decision to take up the course under him. I appreciate Spenser’s professional ethics, kind and rational approach which lead me to understand more on the REA Course.

    I would indeed like to portray him not only his professional values, but also his insight knowledge of the Real Estate Market. More importantly, he is also a good teacher who was unselfishly sharing his knowledge to our REA class members. For example, he has spent a lot of time and effort in preparing the valuable course notes and revision papers for all the class participants in the preparation of our examination.

    I would sincerely express my gratitude to Spencer and also the Real Centre Network Team for all they have done for us.

    Kelvin, REA Course, 6th intake

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Real Centre Network and especially your lecturer Spencer Ng for providing me with the knowledge and information about the REA course and exam.

    Spencer’s good teaching and the course notes helped me to understand the course material and brought the subject to life. His many real life explanations about the subject matter enabled me to remember the information learnt and helped me to pass the exams

    Lynne, REA Course, 6th intake

    Thank you Spencer for been a great teacher and your effort in imparting us your vast knowledge in real estate. I Passed!

    Rony, REA Course, 6th intake

    Checked the Informatics website and, thank God, I pass my REA exams. My sincere thanks to you for your course and voluntarily providing extra revision classes. Your dedication to teaching is exemplary!

    Peter, REA Course, 3rd intake

    Dear Spencer, With your support and dedicated teaching, finally i passed my REA Exam. Thank you for your guidance, interesting lessons and sharing of your invaluable real estate experience.

    Wong, REA Revision Paper 2, 2nd intake

    I passed the REA. Thank you Spencer for your tuition/lecture over the two/three months’ period. I was surprised to have passed because I thought two of the papers were difficult (paper 1 and 3). I have no prior experience in the real estate industry and this shows that with some commitment to study and pay attention in class, one can actually pass the exam. Hope this will inspire others to study hard and not give up.

    Boone, REA Course, 2nd intake

    I sincerely like to thank Spencer Ng for his guidance, patience and motivation during the 2 months course and helping me to pass my REA Exam during the 1st attempt.

    Rayson, REA Course, 2nd intake

    Spencer, Thanks so much for your help, I have passed my REA exam, what a relief!!! Your efforts taking us through this course were invaluable especially the model answers for the tutorials and practice exercises.

    Tom, REA Course, 2nd intake

    I got my result!!!! I passed my REA Exam!!!! I'm very, very happy!!! Thank you very much for yr guidance, patience n time spent for arranging the revision class for us.

    Susan, REA Course, 2nd intake

    I would like to personally thank Spencer Ng for being my course leader in the REA course. Spencer was able to teach the theory of the course content in great detail, but was also able to relate the theory to the real world of real estate with many years of practical experience in the industry.

    Spencer has gone beyond the call of duty when assisting both myself and other students with their revision for the exams. He has been willing and able to answer my numerous questions, and still does today when I have something I am unsure of in the real estate industry.

    He has become a mentor and friend who I can count on to be there whenever needed.

    Thank you again for all your help!

    Richard Lowe, REA Course, 2nd intake

    I passed my REA exams! Thanks Spencer for your patience and coaching!

    BK, REA Course, 1st intake

    Tks I passed my paper 2 after attending your REA Paper 2 Revision. Thanks for ur coaching

    Erin, REA Revision Paper 2

    Thanks Real Centre Network and Spencer Ng (Trainer)

    I am pleased to inform you that I have passed the REA Paper 2 after I had attended the REA Paper 2 (Revision) class. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the excellent and stimulating delivery and efforts he had taken to update the class with the latest development in the industry.

    The comprehensive materials, tutorial with model answers really worked for me so did the mock exam which did provide invaluable techniques in answering examination questions.

    Lastly I would not hesitate to recommend this course to those who are seriously considering a Real Estate course. Thanks again Spencer and Real Centre Network Pte Ltd!!

    Esther Ho, REA Course, Revision Paper 2
  • CPD Graduate
    CPD Graduate

    I've attended the above core CPD on landed properties on 19 March 2012 at RCN centre and was amazing that the materials and slides presentation were so relevant to enchant us to be more professional as real estate agent.

    The speaker Mr Kennie Toh was so professional and knowledgeable to landed properties in delivering to all attendees. He is very concise and prepared the slides presentation & materials that are relevant to the topics with case study to ensure we understand what is being taught to us.

    I have attended the CEA course in 2009 and taught by Kennie Toh on landed property, after recurring core CPD, great improvement in the materials and slides are getting clear and concise compares to 2009.

    In conclusion, thanks the speaker for his contribution and effort to make its alive and motivated as professional landed property agent to ever ready to meet any prospective buyer.

    Well done and thank you!

    Lilian Tan, Must Know of Landed Properties