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Real Estate Agency Courses (REA)

Inspired to start your own real estate business?

The Real Estate Agency (REA) course is the next step if you want to own a real estate company. Enrol now in the Real Estate Agency (REA) Course and you would have taken the very important step towards building a successful career in real estate in Singapore.

If you are aspiring to be a key executive officer (KEO) of a real estate agency, passing the REA Course or its equivalent is again one of the registration criteria.

All practising company directors and partners are also required to pass the CEA’s Real Estate Agency (REA) examination.

Course Fees: $1,872.50 ($1,750 + GST) excludes exam fees

  • Must be Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore
  • Attained minimum 75% attendance
  • REA examinations
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  • SkillsFuture credits and UTAP Funding are available for REA course!
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Course Duration: 23 Sessions, 3 hr each + 3 E-Learning

  • About REA
    About REA

    Under the new regulatory regime administered by the Council for Estate Agencies, the estate agency must appoint a key executive officer (KEO) who is responsible for the overall management of the business and supervision of all its salespersons.

    As stipulated under the Estate Agents Act 2010, the KEO has to satisfy enhanced licensing conditions including passing the CEA’s Real Estate Agency (REA) examination or have equivalent qualification.

    The KEO must also demonstrate to the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) that he has put in place the proper policies and procedures for the management of the business. These are stipulated in the Code of Practice under the Estate Agents (Estate Agency Work) Regulations 2010. All practising company directors and partners are also required to pass the CEA’s Real Estate Agency (REA) examination.

    The REA syllabus is prepared in the context of laws in Singapore governing real estate agency and related work and shall focus on sale and lease transactions involving private residential, HDB, commercial and industrial properties located in Singapore.
    The syllabus does not include laws or regulations of other countries governing transactions of foreign properties and real estate agents are advised to be familiar of such laws or regulations when advising their clients in foreign properties transactions.


    Candidates are expected to be equipped to:
    - have good knowledge of real estate agency business and the real estate agent industry;
    - have sufficient knowledge of laws governing estate agency work and how they relate to practice;
    - be conversant with prescribed regulations and practices governing private residential, HDB, commercial and industrial property sales and tenancy transactions;
    - be conversant with good business development and office management practices;
    - understand and apply CEA’s Estate Agents Act and regulations, Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care, and Code of Practice with respect to real estate agency business and work.

  • REA Syllabus
    REA Syllabus

    REA comprises of 3 Papers.

    Paper 1: Covers the legal framework of real estate
    Paper 2: Focus is on the knowledge for carrying out estate agency work, such as marketing, knowledge of various regulations and policies when dealing with different types of properties, financial assessment, etc.
    Paper 3: Covers the knowledge and skill sets for managing and operating an estate agency business.
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  • REA Course Schedule
    REA Course Schedule

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Singaporean / Permanent Resident
    • At least 21 years old
    • Possess any 1 of the following Local Academic Qualifications:
      - GCE "O" Level, with min. 4 Credit passes. CEA accepts combined GCE “O” level results taken at not more than 2 sittings
      - Higher NITEC (ITC, CBS, Master NITEC, NTC1)
      - GCE “A” Level
      - Diploma attained from accepted local Polytechnics only (NYP/ NP/ RP/ SP/ TP)
      - Degree or Higher, attained from accepted local Universities only (NTU/ NUS/ SIT/ SMU/ SUSS/ SUTD)
      - Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) - Attained Level 5 and above for the WPLN assessment in these 5 components (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy)
      - International Baccalaureate Diploma

    Latest updates on the procedure for submission of Foreign and Local Private Academic Qualifications for CEA’s Assessment from 6 August 2021

    Applicants who wish to submit their academic qualifications for CEA’s assessment, will no longer need to submit it via ACEAS from 6 August 2021.

    Applicants who wish to submit their academic qualifications for CEA's assessment, please submit their applications via

    Applicants are required to attach the following documents in their application.

    Those who fall under this category, please informed that you need to get your qualification approved by CEA before you register for the course.


    *Registration for Classroom Learning will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Under the new regulatory framework, persons who intend to assume the role of the Key Executive Officer (KEO) or Practising Director or Practising Partner of an estate agent are required to possess a pass in the Real Estate Agency (REA) examination, or equivalent.

    Please ensure that you have met the minimum criteria before registering for the course.

    Important Notice:

    Please be informed that attending the REA Course and passing the REA Examination do not automatically qualify an individual to be a real estate salesperson. The applicant has to comply with the full registration requirements stipulated under the Estate Agents Act, which include meeting the fit & proper criteria. Please check the complete list of registration criteria on CEA’s website before registering for the REA course

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    “For foreigners who wish to register with CEA as salespersons, they will need to have a valid Employment Pass (EP) issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to work in the real estate agency industry. They should consult an estate agent that is prepared to support their future registration application, who would then check with CEA. Thereafter, when they register for the RES/REA Course, they will need to produce a letter of support from the estate agent.”


    Our team of REA trainers include:

  • REA Exams
    REA Exams

    Under the new regulatory framework, persons who intend to assume the role of the Key Executive Officer (KEO) or Practising Director or Practising Partner of an estate agent are required to possess a pass in the Real Estate Agency (REA) examination, or equivalent.

    The REA examination is administered by CEA's appointed examination administrator, SEAMEO Regional Language Centre. Candidates who wish to register or find out more about the REA examination may contact our appointed examination administrator at:

    SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC)
    Office: 30 Orange Grove Road Level 3 RELC Building Singapore 258352
    Tel no: 6734 1292 

    Exam Fees:

    Full Sitting (3 Papers): $556.40
    Modular Re-Sitting (2 Papers): $438.70
    Modular Re-Sitting (1 Paper): $288.90 

    Exam Format:

    1. 3 papers (2 ½ hours per paper) with 8 essay questions each
    2. Candidates to answer any 5 out of the 8 questions for each paper
    3. Candidates who obtain a modular pass (in one or two papers) from the July 2015 REA examination onwards will be allowed to retake only their failed paper(s) in the subsequent exam
    4. Candidates must pass all 3 papers within 2 years after completing the REA course

    Please check directly with SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC) with regards to exam slots and closing dates for registration.

    REA Examination Schedule 2021
    Month Schedule Date/Time Paper Type Registration Closing Date
    Nov 2021
    24 Nov, Wed (7pm - 9:30pm)
    25 Nov, Thu (7pm - 9:30pm)
    26 Nov, Fri (7pm - 9:30pm)
    (To be confirmed) to
    12 Nov 2021 (Fri)

    Please note that, under exceptional circumstances, the REA examination dates are subject to change. Please check the examination timetable with CEA prior to examination registration.